The Krafft Gruppe was founded in 2003. It consists of five partners who are actively involved in the company.

The company manages the hotels Krafft in Basel and Greulich in Zurich as well as the bars Consum and Volta Bräu in Basel. On January 4 2016 the company will open the 4-star Design & Lifestyle hotel Nomad in Basel.

Organisation chart Krafft Gruppe

Food, Innovation, Brewery, Member of the Board of Directors


Trained as a middle school teacher with five years teaching service. Learnt the art of cooking at Les Quatre Saisons in Basel. Travelled for a few years in Germany and Switzerland. Manager of a seminar house. Started as Head Chef at Krafft Basel. Board member and co-owner.

Since 2011, with the growth strategy of the Krafft Group Andi has assumed new leadership roles in the group. Important areas of research are currently planning a second bar and entertainment location and a second Consum, both in Basel.

«A balance to my professional life is the experiences with my children in the garden, in the woods and on the mountains. Not to mention brewing my own beer, cooking and repairing & maintaining old-timers.»

Important to me: «That I can live out my creativity and find recreation in nature.»

Administration, Member of the Board of Directors


After some part-time language studies, developed an interest in hotels and completed an economic internship at the Hotel School of Lucerne. Completion of her degree and started as Head of Reception at Krafft Basel. Developed into hotel management, before focusing on Human Resources, I.T administration for the entire company.

«I find a balance to my career in my family with our young daughter, or with a glass of wine and a good meal with friends. Or just simply by unwinding, feeling the sun on my skin and seeing the glistening water.»

Important to say: «I am so grateful to have people around me who believe in me and take me as I am.»

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Graduated from business school at the Lausanne Hotel School. As a 26 years old pioneer, opened the first eco hotel in the Alps. Manager of the Ucliva Hotel in Waltensburg during its first six years of operation. Various training and development courses. Worked as a corporate and project developer in the hospitality industry since 1990.

Responsible in the Krafft Group for, amongst other things, the development and support of new projects. His current focus is the group’s newly created hotel in the city of Basel.

«Coherent work provides a lot of energy.» In addition, his professional life balance: «Being with people, books and movies and besides intensive work, ensuring that every year there’s plenty of room for holidays and travel.»

Food and Beverage, HR Development, Member of the Board of Directors


Germanic studies in Dijon and enlightenment while jobbing in restaurants. Graduated as Hôtelière-Restauratrice at the Hotel School Belvoir Park in Zurich. Thanks to an application suggestion (and coinciding with the opening of the restaurant) started in January 2004 as Head of Service at Krafft.

Became a member of the Executive Board and amongst other tasks is responsible, alongside Franz-Xaver Leonhardt, for Krafft Basel. Working part-time since January 2013.

«Children immediately transport you to another world when you arrive home. I also started from scratch to jog. I regularly try to invite friends over and also take time at home to enjoy a good bottle of wine and good food.»

CEO, Co-Director Krafft Basel, Member of the Board of Directors


Matura, chefs studies cancelled to complete hotel school in Thun. Chef de Service in Wiesengarten in Riehen. Waiter in Gundeldingerhof in Basel, and at the same time child carer for his sister. Since 2000 Co-Executive Manager in Hübeli, Basel. 2002 Acquisition of Krafft Basel, first as owner, then as a tenant. Various management positions in the Krafft Group, in addition to the direction of Krafft Basel he is also responsible for the Greulich.

Work/Life Balance: «Making compost and gardening, jogging and music, i.e. mainly playing the alto and bass flute in an ensemble.»

The most important thing in life: «First comes partnership and the children, then the profession – with child-friendly working hours – then finally, the balance.»

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